Admission to the Hospital

Your personal doctor or the consultant doctor at this hospital has arranged for you to be admitted for medical treatment. To begin the process, you or a member of your family will need to meet our Front office receptionist on Ground level.

At the reception, the registration Form will have to be filled in with necessary information, which is very mandatory to enable us to register you as a patient. A minimum deposit (unless corporate insured) will be requested at the time of admission. (Open 24 hrs daily).

Room Booking – Request for room change may be made at reception.

Your Personal belongings

Pack light when you come to the hospital for admission. You will only require a few belongings such as : Slippers, Toiletries like Soap ,toothbrush, toothpaste & Pair of changing clothes.

Dietary Services

Food services Department occupies a very important and crucial position in the services area. We are there to ensure that all patients admitted in the hospital are served wholesome and nutritious food as per the medical requirement.

The food supplied to the patient’s is as important and vital as the medical treatment that the patient receives, for quick and complete recovery.

You will be visited daily by our dietitian during your stay and all your dietary needs will be monitored by her.


Please do not keep valuables or excess amount of money with you. We advise you to ask relatives to look after your valuables and money as the hospital does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to your possession.


Financial arrangements for your hospital stay must be made prior to or at the time of admission. Please decide which method of payment you will use and make your preference known during or before your admission. Normally, the responsibility for payment of accounts will fall under one of the categories in the following section.

Own Account

In this case you are asked for a deposit based on the estimated length of your stay at the hospital. This deposit is payable on or before your admission. You will be given interim bills after every two days and are requested to update your advance. The hospital charges will be intimated by your doctor. All bills have to be settled either through Demand Draft / Cash / Credit Card. The hospital does not accept cheques.

Sponsored Account

If your account is to be paid by your company, that is who are availing please ensure that you bring with you a signed letter from your sponsor clearly accepting responsibility for all medical treatment. The hospital will provide treatment in the ward specified by your company. Any deviations from the instructions will be billed directly to the patient. Third Party Administrators facility for the patients who are availing it should assure on the admission counter about their sanctioned amount from the day of their admission. You are advised that all payments made at the Front office.


All toilets in the hospital are sanitized regularly for your protection. Hot and Cold water facilities are available in bathrooms. Nursing call facility also included in the toilets. Attendants are requested not to use hospital toilets for washing clothes and utensils.


Preventive maintenance of all equipment in the room is routinely and thoroughly done before admission of a new patient. If you need any assistance regarding the television ,air conditioning, power points, nurse call system, music system, plumbing or telephone in your room, call on extension 3391. Please allow a response time of 20 minutes.

Air Conditioning

Facilities for individual room controls for A/C are available for your comfort. Kindly make optimum use of the facility.
For Non-A/C rooms individual fans with regulators are available in each room.

Ambulance Services

The ambulance is available for use by patients upon prior notification for:

  • Emergencies
  • Transportation to other hospitals for tests not done here.
  • In non-emergency cases, if ambulance service is needed, please notify Social Worker at Extension 3399 , at least 1 hour prior to requirement. Ambulance service is not available for outstation trips.


A copy of the daily newspaper will be delivered to single room between 08.30am to 09.30 am by the Hospital staff.

Discharge Information

An Approval and order from your consultant doctor is required for you to leave the hospital. After the doctor has conveyed his order to the attending nurse, the Front office begins the process. Allow 2 hours for completing the formalities, after which a family member may go to the Front office Reception to settle the bill. Discharged patients are advised not to stay in the hospital after the discharge formalities are over. Hospital rooms are always booked in advance, therefore we request that you make arrangements to vacate the room prior to 12 noon. Staying beyond this time will necessitate an additional charge. Your co-operation is requested.

Feedback and Redressal

In our constant endeavor to improve services rendered, hospital personnel will visit you every day. We the hospital are keenly interested in your experience as a patient a the Hospital. Please complete the Feedback form that would be given to you at the time of discharge. Your suggestions will help the hospital and its staff to serve patients better.

Visitor Information

Family Involvement

Family members and close friends are encouraged to be a part of the care process, whenever appropriate. While family and loved ones are encouraged to be involved in the care process, your consultant doctor at the hospital and the nursing staff must give permission for them to do so. Permission from the management is also required to be with a patient either before or after normal visiting hours.
In the rooms/wards only one attendant may stay with the patient during the stay, where a long term pass is handed over.( which needs to be flashed when demanded).

Visiting Norms

  • Visiting Hours are : 05.00 pm to 08.00 pm
  • Sundays & Public Holidays –
  • Evening: 05.00pm -08.00pm

Children below 07 yrs of age are not permitted. No visitors are permitted at any other time. Only 2 visitors at a time are permitted to visit the patient during visiting hours only. Nurses may ask visitors to leave the room if the patient’s condition so warrants or if hospital policies are not being observed. Emergencies occur at any time, it is very important that easy and quick access is available to Patient Rooms, Operation theatres and I.C.U. The hospital therefore requests visitors – Not to stand in the inpatient Lobby . Not to wait outside Operation Theatre / I.C.U.

Medical Care

Medical Treatment

Your consultant doctor is responsible for your treatment while you are at the hospital. He or she makes necessary arrangements for laboratory tests, medications, diet and other special treatment.

Nursing Care

The nursing staff aims to provide each patient with the best possible care. The nursing call button which is at your bedside can be used for any kind of nursing attention. In case you have specific nursing need, please contact at the reception counter.

Good health is what we all pray for

Your continued good health depends on you your ability to maintain a positive disposition and follow the exercise diet and medication regimen prescribed. Make healthy living your priority and good health will always be with you.


All medications required by you during your stay at our hospital is prescribed by your doctor and can be procured only from the hospital pharmacy which is open 24 hours. The pharmacy is staffed by a registered pharmacist. All drugs sold at MRP price, no additional tax levied.

Resident Doctors

Suchak Hospital has a staff of qualified and well trained doctors who provide twenty four hours coverage to meet your various medical needs. They are a vital link between the Consultants and auxiliary services. Resident doctors will be glad to assist you with any medical concerns you may have. They make periodic rounds to monitor and assess your progress. Resident doctors follow only the orders given by your consultants.