What are the different types of rooms in your hospital and what are the charges ?

Suite Class

The 2nd Floor of the hospital is specially designed for those patients who give lot of significance to their privacy and comfort. Two elegant rooms with sea view; attached bath with wardrobe; sofa-cum bed; mini fridge, Two TV’s including the Plasma TV with DVD Player two telephones. They are also provided with the library consisting of various books and DVD’s for the patients and their relatives & Internet facility.

Super Deluxe

13 super deluxe rooms on the VVIP floor,. An exclusive room with attached bath with wardrobe; sofa-cum bed; Plasma television with DVD Player ,telephone ,Mini Fridge. books and DVD’s from the library and internet facility.


An exclusive room with attached bath for the relative, a sofa and a bed. Television & Telephone.


Private room with attached bath, bed for the relative, television and telephone.

Twin Sharing

A twin-sharing room with an attached bath; a bed for each patient’s relative a telephone, and two television for each patient.


Three patients having a Room, Chair for each patient’s relative two telephones and a bathroom in the Room.


Six patients in a Room, chair for each patient’s relative and a bathroom in the wing and four telephone.


7 beds. Patient are admitted and discharged same day.
Preoperative: 8 beds

How are bed charges calculated?

Bed charges calculated from 11:00 a.m. to 11: 00 a.m. irrespective of the time of admission. If the discharge is delayed beyond 11:00 a.m., you will be charged a day’s bed charges.

Can the room be retained, if the patient is shifted to ICU?

If patient is required to be transferred to the ICU/ICCU or PICU, SICU, NICU, the room /bed that patient was occupying prior to the transfer is to be vacated.

How should one reserve an OT or a bed?

The treating Doctor has to reserve the OT for the patient.Beds are given to the more needy patients on the first come first serve basis. Kindly appreciate that we do not have the bed booking system.

What is " Day - Care"?

As the technology is advancing, the stay in the hospital is reducing. There are many procedures which can be done without a patient being admitted .Day -Care caters to patients undergoing surgeries/ procedures that do not require an overnight stay in the hospital. All minor, intermediate, major procedures e.g. Cardiac Catheterisation, Cataract with IOL, Lithotripsy etc. can be performed in Day – Care.

Where is the Day - Care located?

The Day – Care is located on ground floor of the hospital, which is open 24 hours, even on all holidays.

What is the actual mode of admission?

After telephonic confirmation of the bed availability, you may bring the patient along with the prescription & deposit or if you have any credit facility, kindly bring your letter of Authority from your company. After fulfilling the formalities at the Admission counter, where you will be given an Admission Number. Kindly quote the same for any enquiry. You shall be guided to the floor/ room allotted. PRO’s are allocated for special class and above rooms, for the ease and comfort of the patient Special facilities are given for the Suite & Super Deluxe class patients. On arrival, kindly contact the Lobby admission counter.

After Admission can the patient be transferred to Higher class?

Yes, this is done subject to availability of a Bed. All charges shall be billed for higher class retrospectively.

What is the mode of payment acceptable?

Payments are accepted by Cash/Bank Draft/ All credit and debit cards.

Is my mediclaim policy accepted at your hospital?

Yes, Kindly Contact our TPA Cell for further information.

Do you provide Ambulance services?

Yes we do, Please contact +91 22 6649 4949 / 2889 1484 / 2889 2669 which is open 24 hours.

What are the visiting hours?

The visiting hours are from 4pm to 7pm on all the days & on Sunday 10am to 11 am. For the ICU 5pm to 7pm on all the days & on Sunday 10am to 11am.

How many passes do you issue?

To control the infection, crowd & noise level, you will appreciate that we issue only One attendant pass for all the class. One visitors pass for common Economy & Twin sharing, which are to be surrendered at the Billing Counter at the time of discharge.

Can I bring the food from my house?

Bringing any food items from outside is prohibited. You can get supplementary meals for the attendant in the cafeteria.

How do I get my Discharge Slip?

After final settlement you will be given a two discharge slips, one for the floor staff & other for the security on your way out.

How do I make an appointment for consultation?

You may make an appointment on telephone number +91 22 6649 4949 / 2889 1484 / 2889 2669

Where do I collect pending reports of investigations done during admission?

Pending reports are to be collected from the central dispatch counter on the Ground floor between 10 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Open from Monday to Saturday and on hospital holidays.

Do you have Emergency Charges?

Yes, These are 1.5 times the regular charges for Surgeries done on Sundays and Hospital Holidays.